$0 / user / month
  • GitHub upload only (10MB)
  • No fallback upload location
  • 90 seconds video limit
  • Low video quality
  • Basic email support

Own storage

$5 / user / month
  • GitHub or Amazon S3 upload
  • Your fallback upload location*
  • 5 minute video limit
  • Native video quality
  • Priority email support

Our storage

$10 / user / month
  • All upload locations
  • All fallback upload locations
  • 10 minute video limit
  • Native video quality
  • Priority email support

* Only Amazon S3 is currently supported.
We will be working on support for Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob storage soon.

You are only charged for user who use Video Code Review to create videos.
You will not be charged for users who only view content.

Before we go live, pricing is subject to change. Please let us know what you think by getting in touch

If you have any questions about our pricing or how billing works then please get in touch via the contact page

Our goal is simple. We want to make it as easy as possible for remote teams to discuss pull requests and get code merged as fast as possible. Take pull requests to the next level by making clear and concise videos to get your point across clearly and avoid misunderstandings.

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