How it works

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1. Plan your video

Work out what you want to talk about, it can be anything; code, commits, comments, or a demo. Break down the points you want to go through and the order you want to do it

VCR planning page

2. Record your video

Create a video going through the pull request or code review. Automatically jump to the next bit of code, commit or comment you want to talk about by hitting next step

Video recording

3. The video is automatically uploaded

Your video will be uploaded to GitHub or a Video Code Review location and will be viewable to anyone with access to the pull request

Update pull request

4. We update the pull request for you

Based on the steps in your video, the pull request will be automatically updated with links to the relevant sections of the video


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Get code merged faster

Communicate code and hard-to-grasp concepts with your team using videos designed to help explain pull requests and code review. Use video to get your point across clearly.

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Less meetings and calls

Stop waiting for coworkers to be free and stop wasting time on unnecessary calls. Create and view video updates on your own terms.

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Secuirty and sharing sorted

There is no need to manually share videos or copy and paste links. Pull requests are automatically updated and access is controlled by GitHub. If someone can see the pull request, they can see the video

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Be direct and succinct

Automatically jump straight to the correct page, line and comment to help make sure your video is clear and concise. Keep videos short and meaningful.

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Get to the point

Reply to multiple comments and people in the same video. Automatically create links to specific points and times in the video, allowing others to jump straight to the section they care about.

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Prove that your code works

Show that your code is working and that bugs have been squashed by adding a video demo to your video pull request. All triggered from within your browser.



$0 / user / month
  • GitHub upload only (10MB)
  • No fallback upload location
  • 90 seconds video limit
  • Low video quality
  • Basic email support

Own storage

$5 / user / month
  • GitHub or Amazon S3 upload
  • Your fallback upload location*
  • 5 minute video limit
  • Native video quality
  • Priority email support

Our storage

$10 / user / month
  • All upload locations
  • All fallback upload locations
  • 10 minute video limit
  • Native video quality
  • Priority email support

* Only Amazon S3 is currently supported.
We will be working on support for Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob storage soon.

You are only charged for user who use Video Code Review to create videos.
You will not be charged for users who only view content.

Before we go live, pricing is subject to change. Please let us know what you think by getting in touch

Our goal is simple. We want to make it as easy as possible for remote teams to discuss pull requests and get code merged as fast as possible. Take pull requests to the next level by making clear and concise videos to get your point across clearly and avoid misunderstandings.

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